Tadeo Muleiroís art embraces the delicate challenge of crossing the formal exuberance of certain native Argentine cultures and the conceptual demands of contemporary art. His work put on stage beings that have created a new mythology, give course to their world and transform it. Through soft sculptures, costumes, video and performance he builds forms that interweave archetypal and sacred images of ancient cultures with massmedia.

Tadeo Muleiro makes use of that ancestral legacy to build an intimate cosmogony that takes the shape of a domestic drama. He builds a story in which cosmological entities intersect with specific moments from the artistís private life. Each work delves into customary ceremonies and legends that, when brought to bear on contemporary life, produce immediate interactions with these times, thus multiplying their projections on imaginary and symbolic levels. His works construct a sort of larger family narrative that freely brings together elements from different local fables and rituals. In its mixture of diverse cultural references, combination of diverse materials and media, and conjunction of traditional legends and the contemporary world, Tadeo Muleiro's work creates a universe where past and present meet, a mythology of beings removed from their time to inhabit our world.